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Featured Business: Tall Pines Roofing

June 19, 2024
Tall Pines Roofing

About Tall Pines Roofing

Tall Pines Roofing is a local roofing company that specializes in metal roofing and designer shingle installation. They are founded upon greatly enhancing the customer experience and providing concierge service to homeowners and their roofing needs. Tall Pines is dedicated and committed to always improve relationships with their customers and employees.

Roofing Services and More!

Tall Pines Roofing has access to the best roofing materials in the industry and specializes in roof repairs, metal roofs, skylights, soffits and gutters. Their motto is to "expect us to go above and beyond your expectations" - and they do!

If you are looking into metal roofs for your home, or need help with the insurance claims process for a new roof, we highly recommend reaching out to Matt at Tall Pines. You can learn more about their roofing and other services and see examples of their work on their website.

About the Business:

Name: Tall Pines Roofing

Serving the Rochester Area

Website: https://www.tallpinesroofing.com

Email: info@tallpinesroofing.com

Phone: (585) 441-4272

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